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I read a lot and love to read. I find great pleasure in good science fiction, and enjoy thinking about the great stories I've read and agonizing over what will come next. The information I provide here is for me. I long been a voracious reader, but never a review writer. But I've been tempted to try to document my thoughts on the why, what and how of the books I enjoyed. But do feel free to peruse, and please do suggest a great read you think I'd like.

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Humans (Volume Two of The Neanderthal Parallax)

Humans - Robert J. Sawyer I like Ponder...his character carries the story. But, the more I think on the Neanderthal world's economics, I don't think it could work that way. The only way humans have such incredible lifestyles and increasing quality of lives is the rapid growth in productive population and productivity per person. Otherwise, there isn't enough money to afford the technological advances that we and they enjoy.