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I read a lot and love to read. I find great pleasure in good science fiction, and enjoy thinking about the great stories I've read and agonizing over what will come next. The information I provide here is for me. I long been a voracious reader, but never a review writer. But I've been tempted to try to document my thoughts on the why, what and how of the books I enjoyed. But do feel free to peruse, and please do suggest a great read you think I'd like.

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Consider Phlebas

Consider Phlebas - Iain M. Banks Overall, very good but for ending. I was tired when I read it (so mileage may vary), but I did not enjoy the unsatisfying wrapup. It is a very well written book and a fun adventure to follow, so I recommend it. And I strongly recommend reading the extras in the back to gain a bit of background on the setting. I didn't do this on my first reading and my lack of enjoyment of the ending may be the result.

I will also add that it is not always easy to tell who the 'good guys' are in this story, if this is your first Culture novel. That can be frustrating but is ultimately rewarding. Keep your mind open about the Culture. Real life is not 'black and white' either.